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Educational dielectric temperature spectrum measurement system HTDS-500
    Publish time 2017-11-04 02:26    

Materials science and engineering is a major with foundation, application, theory and practice. with the revolution of the research-oriented teaching for openness and exploration, the original experimental tools and lecture notes became difficult to meet the experimental teaching demand, the professional instrument is needed for the first class major construction in the university. Partulab has independently developed an educational dielectric temperature spectrum measurement system for the education of physical materials, which combine the impedance measurement, high temperature furnace, measurement fixture, software, and touch screen into an whole system, without external impedance analyzer. This system can independently measure the material dielectric parameter measurement, which make it a powerful and  affordable system to meet the demand of university education.

• Temperature range: ambient temperature to 500 ℃
• Temperature accuracy: ±1 ℃
• Measurement frequency: 20Hz- 10MHz (depend on the impedance)
• Measurement accuracy: 0.05%
• The temperature ramp rate: 0- 10 ℃ / min (typical 3 ℃ / min)
• Measurement environment: ambient temperature/ high temperature
• Measurement fixture: single sample /  bulk material
• Electrode material: platinum
• Temperature control method: PID
• Communication interface: USB
• Data storage: automatic storage of Excel format
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