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Vacuum tube sealing system MRVS-3002
    Publish time 2017-11-04 01:51    

MRVS-3002 vacuum tube sealing system is mainly adopted for the anaerobic & anhydrous vacuum seal and storage of samples, and their high temperature solid phase synthesis. The whole system consists of the vacuum tube sealing machine, oxyhydrogen machine, molecular pump units, quartz tube and tube joint; wherein, the quartz tubes and quartz columns under standardized customization can ensure their precise match with those specially designed tube joints, thus further strengthening the airtightness of quartz tube sealing and realizing the vacuum tube sealing of higher standards. Additionally, the machine is equipped with wide application fields, including application in thermoelectric materials research laboratory, solution to chemical synthesis of materials, solution to the research & application of material components, solution to the biopharmaceutical application, application in the research laboratory of material solid-phase synthesis, etc.

• Number of Seals: Three
• Outer Diameter of The Sealing Tube: φ45, φ20, φ15, φ13mm or customized size
• Seal Pipe Wall Thickness: 2mm (depending on the flame size)
• Seal Tube Length: standard with 170mm or other
• Inflatable Mouth Size: 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 1/8in, 1/4in
• Oxyhydrogen Flame Temperature: >2800℃
• Vacuum Sealing Machine Leak Rate: 2x10 Pa•m³/s
• Vacuum Pipe Interface: KF16 / KF25
• Molecular Pump Limit Vacuum: 10-6 Pa
• Molecular Pump Working Vacuum: 10-4 Pa ~ 10-5 Pa
• Voltage: 110-220V, 50-60Hz
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