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High temperature dielectric temperature spectrum measurement systemHDMS-1000
    Publish time 2017-10-19 20:31    
Model HDMS-1000 high temperature dielectric temperature spectrum measurement system is used in the study of electrochemical properties of dielectric materials. This system is a multifunctional platform of high temperature furnace, measuring fixture, measuring software and touch screen.
The system have the powerful measurement function, such as dielectric constant, dielectric loss, impedance spectroscopy cole-cole diagram, electromechanical coupling coefficient Kp. It can also achieve the measurement of the impedance Z, reactance X, admittance Y, electric conduction G, electric nano B, inductance L, and dielectric loss D in ambient temperature, high temperature, vacuum and atmosphere conditions. Moreover, the system can measure the samples with the variational temperature, frequency and time.

·         Temperature range: ambient temperature to 1000

·         Temperature accuracy: ±1

·         Measurement frequency: 20Hz- 30MHz (depend on the impedance)

·         Measurement accuracy: 0.05%

·         The temperature ramp rate: 0- 10 / min (typical 3 / min)

·         Measurement environment: ambient temperature/ high temperature/ vacuum/ atmosphere

·         Measurement fixture: single sample /  four samples/ bulk material/ sheet material

·         Electrode material: platinum

·         Temperature control method: PID

·         Communication interface: USB

·         Data storage: automatic storage of Excel format

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