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High temperature four point probe measurement system HRMS-800
    Publish time 2017-11-04 03:13    

HRMS-800 high temperature four point probe measurement system is used to evaluate the conductivity of semiconductor material, either thin films or thin plates. The system uses four point probe measurement method, meanwhile it follows A.S.T.M standards of American. The system can measure the sheet resistance and the resistivity of silicon, germanium, epitaxial layer, diffusion layer, implanted ions layer, ITO, and other conductive films in the high temperature, vacuum, and  inert gases. The system is widely used in research institutes and industrial semiconductor companies.

• Temperature range: ambient temperature to 500 ℃
• Temperature accuracy: ±1 ℃
• V/I range: 1mOhm-100kOhm
• Resistivity range: 1mOhm*cm-100kOhm*cm
• Sheet Resistance range: 1mOhm/sq-1MOhm*cm/sq
• The insulation resistance between needles: >1000MOhm
• Sample size: <Φ30mm (thickness<4mm)
• Input voltage: 110-220V
• Communication interface: USB, WLAN
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